Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Expanding Partnerships to Overcome Skill Shortage

Expanding partnerships within the manufacturing industry is just one crucial element to overcome the skill deficit according to an article in Manufacturing Business Technology. The article highlights Tooling U as a company that partners with job shops, corporations, academia and government via its industry-driven coursework offering more than 400 online classes to train technicians such as machinist, welders, assemblers, inspectors and more.

Even with the manufacturing industry on the upswing, "manufacturers are leaving jobs open because they can't find the people with the right talent. According to a recent Deloitte report, as many as 600,000 jobs remain unfilled because of a skills gap," the article states.

Organizations and academia turn to Tooling U because, in addition to its ease of use, and reporting tools – the content maps to technician certification programs which show learners competence and knowledge.

Other areas listed as crucial elements to overcome skill deficit were: Reintroducing corporate in-house training programs and getting young people interested in manufacturing.

Tooling U has trained more than 100,000 individuals via its robust Learning Management System (LMS) with multimedia, reporting tools to track progress, and the ability to custom-tailor the content. Tooling U is the manufacturing learning source.

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