Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tooling U Introduces Troubleshooting and Press Brake Classes

Cleveland, OH – Tooling U, a provider of online manufacturing training, has developed three troubleshooting classes as part of their Quality department and also six new press brake classes.
The troubleshooting classes teach students how to evaluate problems on the shop floor by understanding the root cause of problems and studying their causes and effects. The students are encouraged to use teamwork and proactive solutions to create a safer, more efficient workplace.
Troubleshooting classes apply to virtually any type of shop atmosphere. "Many of our customers wanted to see troubleshooting classes because they wanted to teach their employees about the process of solving problems in the shop. We want to discourage 'quick fix' solutions that lead to greater problems in the long run," said Chad Schron, Vice President of Tooling U.

The press brake classes allow students to familiarize themselves with part creation and bending process on the press brake machine. The topics covered include safe use of the press brake, the components of the machine, operations performed on the press brake, how to operate the press brake, and the specifications of different press brake machines. "We already offered a full stamping department, but many customers still use the press brake in their shop and requested training specific to the more precise, manual operation" added Schron.

Tooling U provides a wide range of online training courses for people in the manufacturing industry. These courses are delivered through a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) that allows companies to assess training needs and track performance. In addition to the new troubleshooting and press brake titles, Tooling U offers training packages for mill/lathe operators, press operators, and assemblers, as well as custom-created training material for Fortune 500 manufacturers.

For more information about Tooling U and the job-specific training programs, visit or contact a Tooling U sales representative at 1-866-706-8665.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Welcome to Tooling U 4.0!

We have been hard at work on the new version of Tooling U and it is finally here. A big thanks goes out to our customers because a lot of the improvements came right from you. Another big thanks goes out to all of our Beta Testers! Below is a list of just some of the new student, administrator and new products released in the new version of Tooling U.

Student Center Updates

  • New Lesson and Student Center Interface and Navigation
  • FLASH video and Audio for better performance
  • Dramatically faster tests and classes
  • Map Skills Assessment to your schedule
  • Improved Certificate
  • And Much More

Administrator Center Updates

  • Improved Administration Center Interface and Navigation
  • Custom Class prerequisites
  • Remove Classes via Individual, Group or Enterprise wide
  • Groups for Assessment Test Takers
  • New Reports – Subscription and Competency
  • Improved Reports with Group Filters
  • Improved Class Registration
New Products

  • Content Editor – Now you can add your own text and multimedia content directly into Tooling U classes. Very similar to Wikipedia.
  • Competency Manager – Do you need to track online and offline training or career path employees? The competency manager will be your new best friend.
  • Reference Portal – Looking for a quick reference source where you can look up your manufacturing questions? Want to skip clicking through an entire class to find your answer? The reference portal is the place for you.
  • Online Community – The new Tooling U online community is where you can download training videos, make content and site suggestions, get best practices, implementation tools and MUCH MORE.

Let us know what you think!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The 5th Annual Tooling U Golf Outing

The 5th Annual Tooling U Golf Outing was held on Friday, July 20, 2007. The golf gods accepted our tribute (two Briardale range tokens and a "Congratulations Cindy and Bryan" party favor golf tee) and granted us a beautiful day with blue skies and temperatures in the low 70s. The day began with a quiet lunch for the assembled linksters at Chammp's at Crocker Park, at least until the sales group arrived and commenced the traditional pre-golf trash talk. It was an enlightening lunch, mainly because the group never knew that Dan Pruitt is a descendant of Old Tom Morris himself, beat John Daly in a longest drive contest, and left the PGA tour qualifying school for a career in sales.

After lunch, our twenty duffers took to the Hilliard Lakes Golf Course in Westlake OH for 18 holes of championship golf. "Little Augusta" was in great shape and was poised to be a strong test of golf. And our golf teams also looked great and were poised to test the limits of the game and each others' patience. Hats off to Team Daniel Cremieux for landing an endorsement, er…buying matching shirts. You looked good; we just never want to see those shirts again…ever! After a brief and hurried stop at the driving range, the foursomes teed off the starter, then teed off. Special thanks to Bryan Knaack for agreeing to play, in spite of his embarrassing lack of skill. We were pulling for you to break 125 and were hoping your team could use at least one of your drives. On a side note, can someone tell me where the sandbags in Bryan's cubicle came from? It's a mystery.

The grueling 18-hole test of golf separated the winners from the losers, which were to be distinguished at the post-golf party. Special thanks to James Vickers for opening up his Pottery Barn showroom, er…home for our exclusive use. The following award winners were announced after dinner. The following members of the team with the lowest score (i.e. best team) each received a gift certificate to Dick's Sporting Goods: Bryan Knaack, Dan Pruitt, Dan Sloan, Tom Cramer. The team with the highest team score (i.e. worst team) each received a copy of "Happy Gilmore": James Vickers, Greg Herlevi, Kathy Puskas, Beth Ray. Bryan Knaack, the undisputed underdog of the entire day, came out of nowhere to claim the longest drive contest and a dozen Callaway balls. The disputed longest drive for a newbie contest was awarded to Toni Pattison and Dan Sloan, who both received gift certificates to BestBuy. Chipotle gift cards were awarded to the team with the lowest putts: Wes Howard, Ben Johnson, Steve Klein, Kathleen Davis. A dozen Callaway golf balls were awarded to Cindy Bernosky (closest to the pin) and Bryan Knaack (surprise surprise…for the longest putt contest).

The golf outing committee would like to thank everyone who participated in this outstanding Tooling U tradition.