Monday, October 19, 2009

Certificates of Completion Upgrade

The Certificates of Completion students earn for completing ToolingU classes or competency programs for their organizations have been upgraded.


The certificate system has been upgraded to create PDF files. The use of PDF files eliminates several issues regarding the different browser standards and the printing of background images. However, using PDF files does require the use of Adobe PDF Reader.


Administrators are able to select any of the certificate designs to issue a Certificates of Completion to their students.

Students are able to select any of the certificate designs to use for their Certificates of Completion. Students who are a part of a corporate or educational program will be able to print certificates based on their organization’s setup, following these criteria:

1. If an organization uses a custom certificate, a student will only be allowed to print certificates using that custom design.

2. If an organization has opted to display their logo on the certificate, a student will only be able to select one of the four certificate designs created specifically to show an additional logo.

3. In all other situations a student will be allowed to select their preference (provided their administrator has granted them permission to print certificates of completion).

Tom Torres
Web Developer